Car Maintenance

PRO 400 20LT.

Cleans and renovates metal constructions strong concentrated and powerful acid cleaner removal of combined minerals and grease pollution suitable for carwash construction cleaning free from hydrochloric-, sulfuric-, nitric acid. Rinse abundant after use. Never let the solution dry up, and don't apply on a warm surface.. Dosage: 10-20%.

PRO 400 9LT.

Quick spray wax revitalises the bodywork gives a deep gloss to the paintwork removes fingerprints and dust cleaning without water can be used on all hard exterior surfaces of a vehicle fast drying easy to use sweet peach perfume Ready to use.


strong concentrated alkaline degreaser removes oil and grease from spare-parts and garage floors Dosage: 5 - 10 %. Contact time: 5-15 min. Rinse with water.